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Komoder D183 massage belt with neck and shoulder heating. Mobile back massager!
2 reviews
This massage device helps to relax the facial muscles and ensures calmer and deeper sleep. The glasses are powered by a universal USB cable.
2 reviews
KOMODER C302 3D Feet Massager. An electric massager offering a precise and heated massage to your feet, soles and ankles targeting the feet pressure points
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Komoder D181 massage belt with neck and shoulders heating.
2 reviews
Komoder C30 massage device uses advanced Komoder technology, offering the user a great three-dimensional (3D) massage.
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One of the best feet massage I ever had
- from
Mr. Murphy / Luton
Is the first time I use a device like yours and I'm deeply impressed by what it's able to do. Also the delivery time was short and the employee was kind to explain me how to use it properly. Thank you very much!
C30 is what I was looking for
- from
Anita Chung / Switzerland
I love foot massages so much. I just want to get them all the time. When Paul said that the C30 will be great, I didn't want to believe him, because it is so cheap. Not I can't get enough of it.
A quick moment of relaxation!
- from
Lynne J. / London
A quick moment of relaxation at the office between two marathon meetings! Who wouldn’t deserve it? I would recommend them to everyone, especially if you work long hours in front of the computer.
Best gift we could choose
- from
Stephen G. / Bradford
We bought them as Christmas gift for my grandfather! He was very happy, and he uses his massage goggles almost daily. What he likes the most is the fact that they are heated and that he can easily carry them around.
This neck massager improved my wellbeing!
- from
Gillian S. / Blackpool
I always suffered from neck pains… it can ruin my whole day, and from time to time would give headaches. I bought the D180 neck massager without too many expectations, I didn’t really think it would help me, but had to try something. Although I still have sporadic pains, my condition improved greatly. They improved my wellbeing, but I still try not to forget to keep to my daily massage routine.
Well, a perfect travelling companion!
- from
Colin P. / Dublin
Unfortunately, I have long commutes, and even during COVID times my job means that I have to travel long distances, so I would pack it in my handbag and use it whenever I get the opportunity. The only small setback is that I have to plug it to work, but this is too small of a cost for the benefits it offers me.
Pleasure and purpose at the same time!
- from
Richard B. / London
My peripheric blood circulation is very bad so the C302 feet massager is something that I really needed. Turn on it on, always heating on as well, and enjoy it! Pleasure and purpose at the same time! Do I still have the “needles in my soles”? No! Does the C302 actually work for me? Yes! Would I recommend it for a medical purpose? Sure, from all my heart!
A great upgrade to our services!
- from
Jasmine L. / Edinburgh
We’ve bought several units for our SPA. We definitely needed a small upgrade to our services and SPA’s offers. Our clients appreciate receiving nice, heated, feet and soles massages while following other SPA activities.

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