Massage Chairs Dimensions

The things that cross your doorstep are those things which endure in your life. Nevertheless, no matter if their delivery is free of charge or not, the dimensions of your main door, and of all other subsequent transiting doors which are to be found on the way to the destination, can pose a real problem.
We have decided to display, here below, the dimensions of our massage chairs so you can better evaluate your options following a purchase. The standard door dimensions, for modern buildings, are 90 cm in width (35,5 inch) and 205 cm in height (80,7 inch). It is following these data that we will evaluate in advance if the bought product needs disassembling and reassembling. With our help, we will calculate exactly the minimum door size required to correctly install every KOMODER model in particular!
Please refer to the table here enclosed for our massage chairs dimensions.

Product Width Height (in vertical position) Length (in vertical position) Height (zero-gravity position – reclined position) Length (zero-gravity position – reclined position)
ALBERT II 72 cm 105 cm 135 cm 73 cm 163 cm
MONACO 74 cm 114 cm 155 cm 73 cm 178 cm
FOCUS II 75 cm 120 cm 130 cm 75 cm 194 cm
VICTORIA II 75 cm 115 cm 155 cm 77 cm 175 cm
FOCUS III 77 cm 115 cm 160 cm 115 cm 190 cm
MARINA MEDICAL II 74 cm 120 cm 130 cm 90 cm 180 cm
LUXURY II 84 cm 125 cm 160 cm 77 cm 190 cm
VELETA II 85 cm 125 cm 164 cm 85 cm 175 cm
PRIME 85 cm 130 cm 167 cm 99 cm 180 cm
TITAN II 83 cm 120 cm 163 cm 82 cm 178 cm
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