TITAN II Ultra High–end Dual Track Massage Chair




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The ultimate massage chair for those in search of the masseuse experience

The only massage chair that boasts 24 Auto Programs

6 customizable massage techniques

5 different intensity levels

Simply sinking into the luxurious TITAN II massage chair is an experience — and that’s before you’ve even switched it on. The ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation awaits you when the TITAN II has pride of place in your home or workplace.

TITAN II Ultra High–end Dual Track Massage Chair

State-of-the-art massage chair functions
8-inch touch screen control panel

The TITAN II delivers a massage experience like no other. This advanced massage chair features an 8-inch touchscreen tablet that gives you complete control over every aspect of your massage. You'll feel empowered and pampered as you customise your massage to suit your specific preferences and ailments. The TITAN II delivers a massage any professional masseuse would be proud of.

TITAN II Ultra High–end Dual Track Massage Chair

Bluetooth with built-in speakers

The new TITAN II massage chair delivers an immersive audio experience, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and four in-built speakers.

TITAN II Ultra High–end Dual Track Massage Chair

Dual track system

Our Dual Track Roller System (or Double Rail System) is a feature that recreates a massage experience delivered by two professional masseuses at the same time.

1. From the neck to the upper back

The first dedicated four-roller system is designed to move from your neck to your upper back, covering a distance of approximately 31 inches. This system is specifically engineered to provide a targeted massage for the upper part of your body through four separate rollers.

2. From the lower back to the sacral area

The second dedicated four-roller system is designed to move from the lower back to the sacral area, covering a distance of approximately 34 inches. This system also comprises four rollers that are specifically dedicated to massaging this area of your body.

TITAN II Ultra High–end Dual Track Massage Chair

Fast wireless charging

Want to browse the internet or catch up on your emails while you enjoy a therapeutic massage? With the fast, wireless charging capabilities of the TITAN II, you’ll be able to use your phone or tablet for as long as you want. No cables? No USB port? No problem!

TITAN II Ultra High–end Dual Track Massage Chair

The shiatsu massage chair for arms and palms

An effective and immensely enjoyable arm massage system is now available with the new TITAN II massage chair. Experience the benefits of the technology integrated by the new TITAN II just once, and you’ll need this advanced massage chair in your life forever.

TITAN II Ultra High–end Dual Track Massage Chair

Take control of your experience with a 3D intensity joystick

The TITAN II features an advanced 3D intensity joystick and touch-button controls for just about every aspect of your massage experience. Make subtle changes to your backrest position, leg-rest extension, heating and more.

TITAN II Ultra High–end Dual Track Massage Chair

Precision engineered for your comfort and wellbeing

TITAN II Ultra High–end Dual Track Massage Chair

Specs and tech features

FOCUS: Waist and buttocks. Neck and shoulders. Back and spine. Legs and feet
SPORT: Pre workout. Post workout. After running. After chores
MOMENTS: Morning buzz. Power boost. Sweet Dreams. Meditation
CLASSIC: Thai. Chinese. Pressure massage. Ancient
USER: Pros. For him. For her. Senior
PARTICULAR: Sweet hug. Deep release. Stretching. Deep Breath
Shiatsu 3D
Dual Track System Yes
Touchscreen Yes. 8 Inch Display. On stand
3D massage intensity 5 levels
Timer Yes. 10 to 30 minutes
Smartphone Wireless Fast Charging Yes. On the right armrest
Space Saving System Yes. Sliding 30 cm
Legrest 20 cm automatic extendable footrest
Hip Area Airbags Yes
Calf Airbags Yes
Buttocks Massage Yes
Calves massage Yes. Calves Kneading Airbags
Reflexology Three Foot Massage Roller
Extra Pillows Three pillows for upper back and neck
Heating Back Heating - Adjustable in 3 Levels
Legs Heating - Adjustable in 3 Levels
Bluetooth Yes
Upholstery Ecological, Antibacterial Leather
Weight 160 kg
Power Supply 220 - 230V
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Customer Reviews

Just perfect!
- from
Eva A. / Middlesbrough
5 / 5 points
Perfect! Just perfect! What strikes you at first glance is the beauty of its design, posh and elegant perfectly fitting the design of my home, but don’t let yourself fooled, beneath its cover you will find a perfectly engineered machine packed with state-of-the-art technology. Few words can describe the feeling of this high-end massage chair, so if you have any doubts, you shouldn’t! Acquiring a TITAN II massage chair was an investment, but it was definitely worth it. I Fully recommend KOMODER and their massage chair.
We are very happy with the purchase!
- from
Pauline T. / Oswestry
5 / 5 points
We have bought the KOMODER TITAN II massage chair for our holiday house, we thought that it would be a perfect acquisition for our moments of relaxation after a very intensive working year. We both work extra long hours, we have very intense jobs, and definitely stress relieving is a must for us and a massage chair was clearly a good solution. Already owning another massage chair in our London apartment, we fully understand their benefits. We wanted something of latest technology to complete our relaxation room, and no doubt TITAN II from KOMODER is what we were looking for. We are very happy with the purchase! Thank you KOMODER for helping us improve our wellbeing!
The chair is awesome!
- from
Andreas Grolp / Pfaffikon
5 / 5 points
Great service from purchase to delivery and installation! The chair is awesome!
Congratulations on this product!
- from
Marion Hetzel / St Anton am Arlberg
5 / 5 points
Thank you for the explanations I received from your seller. I have chosen the TITAN II model and I am very excited to receive it.
Latest and best!
- from
D.Tibor / Szentendre
5 / 5 points
Definitely the best product! The long pillow in the calf area surrounds my calves perfectly, on my back it's as if two people are massaging at the same time! It's an indescribable good feeling, but my favorite is that among the many programs I can find a massage that suits my mood and current state of health. Of course, I can use this at any strength, as it is adjustable! Great product! I recommend!