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Roy van den Berg: "I can no longer do it without the massage chair, can really recommend him!"

In the showroom of Komoder Massage chairs I got to know multiple massage chairs and finally opted for a chair that best suits my body and wishes. Are you also curious about what a massage chair can do for you? In Katwijk and Rotterdam showrooms you can go for good advice and of course testing one of the many models they have there. Chances are that you will also love one of these wonderful massage chairs!

Noël van't End: "The Komoder massage chair is very suitable for sports massage!"

Salle de sieste

After heavy training, nothing better than a good and sturdy massage to recover, that I can now do that at home is very nice.
The combination of a complete body massage and the most serious intensity level helps my recovery enormously so that I am ready for the next tournament!
The difference between a komoder and other seats is, according to my experience, that the Comoder chair can get the muscles much deeper, which is perfect for sports massage!

Customer reviews Komoder Massage chairs

Excellent. I could not be happier.
Tom Luis

Excellent. I could not be happier with my FOCUS 2 massage chair. You will be able to get your money’s worth in massages. Congrats for the products and for great service here in London.
The right massage chair for my tiny sitting room

Very happy with my choice! I was afraid that I won't find a proper massage chair that will fit into my sitting room. If you are looking for a full option massage chair but you lack the space I highly recommend it.
I love it!
Jan D.

Hi Jonathan, thanks for your message. I love it, so far it is great!! I have already spent so many hours using it!
Very strong! It's the massage I've been looking for
Hebert Krone

I am a therapeutic massage lover and it has been 5 months since I managed to get a massage. I have decided on a Focus 2 and I am enthusiastic about the massage. Congratulations on this technology.
Complete satisfaction

All our thanks, we did. We are very satisfied with our FOCUS II, as well as with KOMODER. Affordable prices, friendly welcome, good relationship before and after the purchase, delivery at the top. Complete satisfaction. Thanks again.
Amazing design!

No wonder that the name is PRIME. It has an amazing design and the massage experience was beyond my expectations.
Very remarkable
Hoffer Ruspeck

Beautiful high performance massage chair, very practical and easy to use. Nice company with impeccable and conscientious services. The armchair is comfortable and quiet, very user-friendly. Very remarkable. A plus compared to our Sanyo.
Thank you very much for the gifts
Monika Mack-Zähnle

Delivery and assembly went very well. You have very friendly and hard-working employees - great praise. Sincerely, Mack-Zähnle.
A fantastic experience. Congratulations!
Sandra Schuler

I decided to buy this massage chair based on a recommendation and immediately noticed real benefits. I'm a motorsport fan and I can confirm that after the first 15 days of use I feel very comfortable and the effects on the muscles are noticeable.
The quality convinced me!
Gerhard Hofmann

The quality of this massage chair is impressive. I mean materials, buttons, tablet! All adhere well and the product is of very good quality. I will come back with feedback on the programs and the massage! So far, I am very satisfied! I will have a critical eye!
Congratulations to the Komoder team!
Simon Mayer

I'm glad the choice was made. I received this chair earlier and would like to say thank you to your guys who did a fantastic job of putting the chair in the desired location. It's a gem and I can attest that the massage is exactly what I wanted. Congratulations to Stefan for his advice.
We are very satisfied with the massage chair
Christine P.

We are very satisfied with the massage chair. And thanks for the glasses. Sincerely, Christina.
Very satisfied with Komoder experience
Markus Kar

Very satisfied with your product. I bought Victoria massage chair one week ago and I my back doesn't ache as it used to. Thank you!
Very excited about my new purchase!
Mr. Rogers

I am most impressed with you and your products. Thank you and your team for the professional way you handled my order and the delivery.
Many thanks
Austin Russel

It was refreshing to meet such an attentive, polite and knowledgable delivery team. Experiences I have had in the past have been that they seem to just bring the item in, drop it in place and go. This team were the complete opposite, they discussed my options on location of the chair. Went through each setting on both remote and arm. They even went over some items that weren’t covered during my visit to the showroom, including being able to turn off Alice completely! After they went through everything, they helped me put the sofa back in place. The team then placed the box outside for me, out of the way, covered in plastic so that I can keep it for the 14 day cooling off period. They are both an asset to your team and it was a pleasure to have them come to my property and got through my new massage chair. Please could you ensure that they get acknowledged and recognition for a job well done by your senior management team.
You won’t regret it!
Dionne Rogers

From start to finish my experience with Komoder has been outstanding. Having taken the time to visit their premises in London, and I thoroughly recommend you do, Adriana was fantastic. No hard sell, very informative and no bad attitude when I said I wouldn’t be making a decision that day. A few days later I confirmed my order, a few weeks later my chair, the Victoria II was delivered. The guys who delivered it were lovely and a great demo was given. I can honestly say I can’t imagine life without my chair… of course the first few weeks I used it every day. I would say I’ve used it 5 times a week from here on in … 15 minutes seems to be my go to time. My advice if you are thinking about a massage chair is don’t think about it - just do it! You won’t regret it!
We are very satisfied!
Timon Reiber

I bought it in October 2021 as it is the second massage chair bought. Compared to the first, it's much improved - including the quality of the faux leather - and has almost all the features needed for a mid-range massage chair to enter the premium class. Automatic programs are stronger (thanks to the 3D technology of the rollers) compared to the manual ones, which are softer. The price-performance ratio is also good, my wife and I are also enthusiastic about the massage glasses too..
I needed this chair
Mathias Rex

I work all day long at office. Back hurts, everything hurts. Thank you, Paul and thank you Komoder!
Just perfect!
Eva A.

Perfect! Just perfect! What strikes you at first glance is the beauty of its design, posh and elegant perfectly fitting the design of my home, but don’t let yourself fooled, beneath its cover you will find a perfectly engineered machine packed with state-of-the-art technology. Few words can describe the feeling of this high-end massage chair, so if you have any doubts, you shouldn’t! Acquiring a TITAN II massage chair was an investment, but it was definitely worth it. I Fully recommend KOMODER and their massage chair.
We are very happy with the purchase!
Pauline T.

We have bought the KOMODER TITAN II massage chair for our holiday house, we thought that it would be a perfect acquisition for our moments of relaxation after a very intensive working year. We both work extra long hours, we have very intense jobs, and definitely stress relieving is a must for us and a massage chair was clearly a good solution. Already owning another massage chair in our London apartment, we fully understand their benefits. We wanted something of latest technology to complete our relaxation room, and no doubt TITAN II from KOMODER is what we were looking for. We are very happy with the purchase! Thank you KOMODER for helping us improve our wellbeing!
The chair is awesome!
Andreas Grolp

Great service from purchase to delivery and installation! The chair is awesome!
Congratulations on this product!
Marion Hetzel

Thank you for the explanations I received from your seller. I have chosen the TITAN II model and I am very excited to receive it.
Latest and best!

Definitely the best product! The long pillow in the calf area surrounds my calves perfectly, on my back it's as if two people are massaging at the same time! It's an indescribable good feeling, but my favorite is that among the many programs I can find a massage that suits my mood and current state of health. Of course, I can use this at any strength, as it is adjustable! Great product! I recommend!
Small, cosy and effective!
Philip L.

A massage chair for someone like me searching for some minutes of deep relaxation and wellbeing. Got the brown one, it is easier to clean and doesn’t get dirty so quickly. Delivered and installed by KOMODER’s teams free of charge in record time.
My clients love it!
Barry G.

Bought the Monaco massage as an addition for my business. I am a hairdresser and running a small salon, so I’ve wanted to add a small benefit for my clients. They seem to be very happy while they are in the waiting room. If my clients appreciate it, so must I.
Very satisfied!
Estera Bänzig

Even though I'm a tall person, I can say that this armchair hugs me superbly. I am happy with the purchase. I highly recommend it. The friends who came to visit were really impressed.
Thank you to the entire Komoder team for their professionalism!
Dominique B.

I had already tried other massage chairs from other producers before testing the Monaco but I couldn't find what I was looking for. The chair is perfectly adapted to my size and this is apparently a very important aspect for the effect of the massage. I am quite small and I felt lost in the others. The massage is at the top and in addition the chair is very beautiful.
Absolute relaxation at home!

I recently bought a Komoder Monaco massage chair, doing the first massage I found myself divinely well. I recommend it to everyone after a long day at work. Thanks Komoder!
We are very happy with the new massage armchair!

I am sorry for not being able to talk to you longer ... was in the meeting almost whole day. Here is my review: As I nentioned we have received the new massage armchair yesterday and we are very happy with it:) Thank you very much for fast shipment!
We are very happy with this gem!
Yvonne B.

The armchair would be delivered by two very nice and professional gentlemen. The explanation for handling was great. Thank you very much for your efforts, we are very happy with this piece of jewellery. Again, a big thank you to the two super nice drivers. I am completely satisfied with the product and your top service. I wish you a good and relaxing end of work. Kind regards from Switzerland.
We are already torn from the first "attempts"!!!
Robert P.

This massage chair is ingenious, beautiful and futuristic, well made! It can do everything. The quality is definitely right and justifies the price! You'll be disappointed for the rest of your life if you don't choose a Komoder massage chair.
Satisfied customer!
L. Andrásné

I wanted an armchair that could massage strongly and even gently at the same time. Thanks to the many programs, I can always find the right massage for the given problem! Thank you, I really like the massage chair!
I am very satisfied with this Focus 3 massage chair
Mark G.

First I must tell you that I am very satisfied with the chair you sold to me. It works very well and give a good massage. Still I have a small issue that you might can help me with. After I bought it, I have moved to another house, and want to bring the chair to the upper floor. Unfortunately there is a quite narrow staircase and my question to you is if it is possible to split the chair into two pieces, so i can carry it up the stairs. I have no problem with the weight of the chair. It is the size that matters. Have a nice day!
There are so many combinations

I discovered the Komoder Focus III while on holiday in Spain. I liked the way each muscle group was massaged and thought about buying one for myself. I was happy to learn that the Komoder company delivers massage chairs with a 3-year guarantee free of charge throughout Europe. The chair arrived a week ago and it is a pleasure for the whole family to discover what it can do together. There are so many combinations.
Start with this model

I'm a very demanding person. I admit that I tried several armchair models for about two months before deciding. I chose the Focus III because it looks very modern and has many massage options. I discovered the double thermal massage and that was the argument I went for. If you want to try Komoder armchairs, start with this model.
If you’re looking to purchase a massage chair, I would highly recommended Komoder.
San San Ward

I purchased the Komoder Focus III chair after visiting their showroom back in December 2022. Stephanie was very patient with me as I tried all of the chairs and she explained the different features of each model. She did everything she could to get the chair delivered in time for my Birthday which was the following week just before Christmas. It was delivered a few days later by two lovely guys, on a Sunday, the day we had a huge snow storm and our village was at a complete standstill. Given the circumstances, they were very friendly & efficient. Any communication I have had with Stephanie has always been quick and she is extremely knowledgeable. If you’re looking to purchase a massage chair, I would highly recommended Komoder. They are stylish, high spec and give an awesome massage!
Top-notch product and service! Thank you!
George Kelly

I recently purchased the Veleta II Deluxe massage chair and I have to say, it has exceeded all of my expectations. The chair itself is incredibly comfortable and the massage functions are top-notch. I love the zero-gravity recline function which evenly distributes my weight and takes pressure off my joints. What really stood out to me though was the white glove delivery service. The team was professional and courteous, taking great care to make sure the chair was delivered and set up properly. They even gave me a demonstration of all the different massage settings and functions, which was incredibly helpful. I've been using the chair every day since it arrived and I can already feel the benefits. The built-in heating function is great for warming up my muscles, and the air pressure massage function works wonders on my legs and feet. Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase and the white glove delivery service was definitely worth it. The whole process was seamless and stress-free, which made the experience even more enjoyable. If you're looking for a high-quality massage chair with exceptional delivery service, I highly recommend the Veleta Deluxe.
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