Komoder Warranty and Service

Komoder is the only company in Europe that offers 3 years warranty services for the products it sells.

Komoder products are delivered by trained personnel who will handle and assemble the product and will instruct you as to the proper way to use the product. In case any technical issue should arise, please contact our customer service with confidence.

Technical Department – Contact information

Phone: +31 615 671 997
E-mail Address: contact@komoder.nl

Technical inspection of the massage chair

3 years Warranty

The warranty services provided by Komoder cover all types of interventions, including travel costs, as well as the cost of spare parts and labor. Depending on the nature of the problem your product may have, Komoder’s Technical Department will decide whether the product requires:

1. To be fully replaced;
2. To be repaired at your location;
3. To be picked up and transported to our repair shop.

Testing the massage chair engines.

Warranty Services Extension

When you purchase the product, you can choose to extend the warranty period from 3 to 5 years. The annual cost for each additional year of warranty varies according to the type of massage chair.

5-year Post-warranty

You may extend the warranty service even before the warranty period has expired. After the warranty period has expired, you benefit from our post-warranty services, so that if you should encounter any technical difficulties with your massage chair, please contact us.

In order to avoid situations that may lead to the voiding (cancellation) of the warranty of your product, please read carefully the user’s manual which came with your product.

Situations that may lead to the voiding (cancellation) of the warranty of your product:

- Failure to comply with the product’s terms of use provided in the user’s manual;
- If the product has been damaged by mechanical accidents, concussions, shocks, or if it has been damaged by liquids or by exposure to fire.
- If the product has been kept in improper conditions – if it has been repeatedly used in an environment with significant temperature differences which cause condensation, if it has been exposed excessively to a damp environment or solar radiations, if the electric cables or the protective elements have been damaged or if the product was misused;
- If the product was used with accessories other than the ones recommended by the seller;
- If the product was tampered with or repaired by unauthorized persons;

Qualified repair personnel

Komoder’s technical team participates annually in specialization courses, which means that the services provided by our company will live up to your expectations. We recommend that you contact our personnel with confidence and that you notify us in connection with any situation that may arise while using our products.